Why Lunoji founder Adrian Lim took a 75% pay cut to design pet products

From a one-man operation, Lunoji has now expanded to a team of four, including two designers and one marketing person. His mother, who is currently clear of cancer, also helps part-time, making treats and blends, and fulfilling orders. 

“The biggest issue we had, and still have, is funding,” said Lim, who currently pays himself a modest salary of S$2,500 a month to channel more money into the business.

“When I walk past places like Tori-Q where the salary of full-time staff starts from around S$2,800, I sometimes question myself. Am I stupid for doing this? Because I could be earning close to S$10,000 with my previous job. There is a lot of sacrifice,” he admitted.

But he has no regrets embarking on this journey, which has also helped in his recovery from depression – Lim was able to go off medication last year.

“To say, I thought of an idea and now we’ve got thousands of them all around the world is priceless. 

“With this business, I can really see the impact of what I do on people’s and animals’ lives. One of the little things I like to do is just lie on my bed and watch the Instagram stories and posts that people tagged us on. My bank account is empty but my heart is full,” he said.

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