Metamag Announces Breakthrough Solution for GPS Interference

Newswise — MARLBOROUGH, Mass.July 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Metamagnetics Inc. (“Metamag”), a leading provider of RF system solutions for the aerospace, defense and commercial communications industries, has announced its unique solution for addressing GPS interference in congested and contested environments. 

Dr. Reena Dahle, Product Development Manager and Principal RF Engineer at Metamag, recently presented the company’s Autotune Filter (AtF) solution for global positioning system (GPS) applications at the IMS Conference in San Diego. The IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS) is one of the leading events for industry, government and academic stakeholders worldwide in the RF and microwave space.

AtF technology can reject unwanted signals, allowing operators continuous access to GPS signals. It accomplishes this by automatically suppressing interfering signals that exceed designed power threshold and can simultaneously operate on any number of interfering signals.  AtF products are characterized by low size, weight and power, a passive configuration (zero power consumption) and are easily retrofittable.

“Reliance on GPS networks represents one of the greatest national security risks today,” said Dr. Dahle. “A vast number of consumer, industrial, and military devices rely on GPS as the gold standard for precise positioning, navigation and timing, affecting billions of users worldwide.  I am proud to be part of the Metamag team and to drive the solution we have achieved with AtFs.  We are focused now on rolling out and integrating this technology for key customers in the defense, space and commercial industries.”

Vince Harris, CEO and Founder of Metamag, said: “We are all extremely proud of Reena and the tremendous work that she and our engineering team have accomplished to help address this critical need for the industry.  Metamag is on the frontier of cutting-edge RF solutions for customers operating in extreme EMS environments, where continuous access to GPS is absolutely essential.  With the vision, creativity and commitment of Reena and others on our team, there is no limit to what Metamag can achieve.” 

Metamag’s suite of AtF solutions has been receiving significant traction within the Department of Defense. Earlier this year, Metamag received an award from a major US defense prime contractor for $11M for one of its flagship AtF products, with a follow-on potential of more than $30M.

About Metamag

Metamag is a fast-growing company developing breakthrough technology for aerospace, defense and commercial communications customers. The company develops high-frequency products used in the most advanced intelligence, surveillance and communications systems. Metamag’s customers include the Department of Defense, NASA, major US aerospace/defense prime contractors and leading commercial companies.  Metamag is based in the Boston metropolitan area.


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