Russain injured by lightning strike near Moscow (VIDEO)


The Kolomna resident was burned as she walked past an electric scooter during heavy rain

During a flash flood in the Russian city of Kolomna on Friday, a local resident suffered burns to her feet when lightning reportedly struck an electric scooter parked nearby. The incident was captured on video and quickly made rounds on social media.

Kolomna, located in Moscow Region southeast of the Russian capital, witnessed strong winds and torrential rain on Friday evening. The downpour caused several streets to get clogged with water. One video posted online showed several people struggling to reach the dry ground when the lightning struck.

The woman can be seen sitting in the water, unable to move on her own. A young man picks her up and carries her to the nearby rescuers.

“According to the woman, the lightning struck the scooter she was walking past. She was taken to the district hospital with burns on her feet,” the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations said in a press release.

Lightning also struck a home in the Moscow suburb of Domodedovo, setting fire to the top floor. The downpour caused further havoc to traffic in the Russian capital, disrupting taxi service on a Friday evening.

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