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Viral Video: Men’s Dance On Afreen Afreen Will Make You Dance Along

Viral Video: Men's Dance On Afreen Afreen Will Make You Dance Along

The video has gotten nearly 5 million views.

Dance is viewed as a way to rejoice and exhibit joy and happiness during this particular occasion and is considered to be a very significant and fundamental part of Indian celebratory events.

A video of two Men dancing to the iconic ‘Afreen Afreen’ song is circulating on social media platforms. The men danced to the song in a private event with even fewer viewers, but since the content was posted on social media, it has reached millions of viewers, making the video a popular one.

Watch the video here:

The video has received nearly 5 million views, with over 5 lakh likes on Instagram.

Several users left interesting comments on the post.

“They don’t have to put in effort; they’ll just dance and take your soul away,” commented a user.

“My smile didn’t go away even after watching this video,” wrote another user.

“The one in front was good, but the smile and expressions of the boy wearing a black kurta are great,” commented a third user.

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