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Remembering Amjad Sabri on his second death anniversary


Today marks two years since the death of Pakistan’s highly lauded qawwal Amjad Sabri, who was shot dead following an attack on his vehicle.

The untimely death of the acclaimed musician left the public in mourning who has still kept the maestro alive in their hearts and are observing his second death anniversary since his assassination.

The adherent of the Sufism was shot dead in Karachi on his way back home from a morning show. 

The esteemed naat khwan and qawwal became a prominent voice of South Asia, pursuing the bequest of his father Ghulam Sabri and uncle Maqbool Ahmed Sabri.

Some of his most distinguished pieces include Tajdar-e-Haram, Jis Ne Madine Jana, More Haji Piya, Bhar Do Jholi Meri, Tauba Qubool Ho Meri and many others. 


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