Engaging Shawn has eyes on NFL future

Shawn is an engaging young man. He is able to hold solid conversations with both peers and adults. He is athletic and loves football, soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. Shawn has been able to go on special outings with his peers, including an annual camping trip. He attends the Boys and Girls Club after school, and he likes to read and play Switch. Shawn has also become very interested in music; he likes rapping and making beats.

Shawn aspires to go to the NFL. He also knows that education is important and wants to go to college or trade school. Shawn is a great student and loves school. Overall he does well in the school setting and is an active participant in his education.

Shawn is open to a family of any constellation, including those with older children in the home. He does have contact with his biological family, which will need to be maintained, as he transitions into his new home. Shawn will thrive in a family setting and is hoping that all of the people in his life can be supportive of his journey towards adulthood. Out-of-state families will be considered, as long as they are open to nurturing his current connections.

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