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363 complaints redressed

LAHORE:Following the orders of Punjab Ombudsman Azam Suleman Khan, the administration of all 36 districts has undertaken various repair and maintenance tasks in May this year to resolve public complaints.

These initiatives encompassed a wide range of activities, including repairing sewerage lines, restoring water supply lines, fixing streetlights, covering manholes, cleaning and repairing streets and roads, and maintaining water filtration plants to ensure clean drinking water for the local population.

The total expenditure for these activities amounted to Rs1,787,791,247, with 363 requests being successfully processed after the involvement of the ombudsman’s office. In a statement issued here on Sunday, a spokesman for the office of the ombudsman highlighted the financial breakdown of the spent funds. This includes Rs227,68,783 for 26 requests related to sewerage lines restoration, Rs701,623 for 84 demands regarding manhole covers, Rs438,200 for 29 requests for garbage collection and cleaning areas in different districts, Rs1,746,899,499 for 26 requests for roads repair and maintenance, Rs4,274,996 for 35 requests for water filtration plants repair and maintenance.

Furthermore, Rs12,233,146 was spent to resolve 11 complaints related to water supply lines repair, while 152 complaints regarding street lights repair and restoration were addressed by the concerned administration, incurring an expenditure of Rs475,000.

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