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Tribesmen demand peace restoration in Maidan Tirah

BARA: Elders and political leaders of the Bar Qambarkhel area in Tirah valley have asked the government to restore peace in the Maidan Tirah area forthwith.

At a grand Jirga in Bar Qambarkhel, the elders including Malik Zahir Shah Afridi Haji Gul Afridi, Muhammad Khan Afridi and others said that the government had been playing double-standards with the tribal people.

They expressed concern over the rising militancy in the Maidan area in Tirah valley. “Kidnappings and murder cases have increased in the area by extremist organisations,” said Malik Zahir Shah.

He added the state institutions had restored peace and tranquility in Islamabad, Lahore and other areas in Punjab but peace in Khyber district was yet to be restored.

“It is a responsibility of the state to provide security and other facilities to the masses,” he said, adding that tribals are also Pakistanis and need to live with peace.

Malik Zahir Shah urged the state institutions to stop being indifferent towards the tribals.

He said that the area residents had already suffered due to militancy and had even been dislocated from their native areas in the past.

“We will take the elders of all Afridi tribes and political leaders into confidence and make a plan for restoration of peace,” he said.

Later, the elders announced to again convene the Afridi tribal jirga tomorrow (Monday).

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