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My mind became a battleground of emotions: Rabia Butt | The Express Tribune


Renowned Pakistani actor Rabia Butt recently took to Instagram to share her thoughts on portraying the role of a female police officer in the highly anticipated mini-series Gunah. In a heartfelt post, she delved into the depths of her character’s consciousness and shed light on the challenges faced by women in a male-dominated society.

In her Instagram post, Butt stated, “In portraying the role of a righteous female police officer in mini-series Gunah, in a society where the rule of law is but a distant dream and women are deemed inferior to men, I, Rabia Butt, delve into the depths of my character’s consciousness. As a Pakistani actress, I cannot ignore the harsh reality of our male-dominated society and the imperfections within our law and order system.”

The star talked about the difficulty of the role as well. “Playing this character, my mind became a battleground of emotions. On one hand, the weight of responsibility to lead by example and deliver justice in such an arduous context pressed upon me. On the other hand, profound empathy emerged for the countless women who face daily struggles in a society that fails to recognise their true potential,” wrote the actor. 

Continuing further, she penned, “This series stands as a powerful testament, highlighting the immense challenges women encounter while striving to forge a path towards justice amidst a societal landscape that continually seeks to undermine their worth. Moving back to Gunah, brace yourselves. The best is yet to come!”

In an earlier Instagram post, the actor sang praises of the project. “Here it is. A labour of hard work after much anticipation. Shall be waiting to hear your feedback because it matters. Gunah, a series which explores the depths of passion as it becomes a dangerous game and the mystique of love, the original sin,” wrote Butt.

Adnan Sarwar’s crime thriller Gunah became a social media sensation shortly after the first episode aired on Express Entertainment. Fans raved about the “exceptional” storyline and the “stellar cast” of the six-episode limited series.

The series revolves around Malik Hayat Khan (Sarmad Khoosat), a powerful landlord who finds himself in a helpless situation when his wife, Gul Noor (Juggan Kazim), runs away with Ahmed (Ali Raza), the tuition teacher of their sons. Seeking solace, Malik’s in-laws (Roohi Khan and Zafar Abbas) propose that he marries their other daughter Gul Meher (Saba Qamar), and though hesitant, Malik agrees for the sake of his children left behind.

However, complications arise when a determined SHO Sabiha (Butt) enters the scene. She begins investigating the case and uncovers evidence that suggests there is more to Gul Noor’s disappearance than meets the eye. 

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