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N.B. woman turns yard into vegetable garden to inspire others to grow food – New Brunswick |


A New Brunswick woman has turned her front yard into a vegetable garden, hoping to encourage more Canadians to grow their own food.

Avery Tower, of Riverview, has launched a community project called The Neighbour’s Garden Project, taking her knowledge of vegetable gardening to the internet to share her growing techniques and experiences with others. She started the project with the help of a grant from the Town of Riverview.

“To show people how they can grow at their own homes and we are documenting everything online through Instagram and TikTok,” said Tower.

Tower, with her seven-year-old daughter Lily, has dedicated her front yard to growing a wide range of vegetables. She said she also appreciates the significance of teaching her daughter about food production from an early age.

“My mom tells me about how to put the seeds in and stuff like that,” said Lily.

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Tower says there is a growing trend of gardening spreading among younger Canadians wanting to grow their own food. She said that with the restrictions on pet ownership in apartments, plants have also become an alternative for people looking to care for something other than an animal.

“It is something alive and thriving and it is not an animal, it seems to be plants. So, whether that be indoor plants or outside on a balcony,” she said.

Tower said the Neighbour’s Garden Project has gained a following online, with people seeking guidance and advice on how to start their own gardens at home and on their apartment terraces. Tower said she is hoping to empower people to grow their own vegetables, especially in light of the rising grocery costs.

“If you have a small patio you can grow a lot out of Rubbermaid totes or pots from the Dollar Store,” said Tower.

Tower hopes to see the trend of nurturing plants expand even more into vegetable gardening. She and her daughter said the satisfaction of tasting the produce straight from the garden is an added motivation.

“The food that is in our garden. it tastes better with us,” said Lily.

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