Russian Drones: Ukraine says shot down 11 Russian drones in second night of attacks | World News – Times of India

KYIV: Ukraine said Wednesday it had shot down 11 Russian drones overnight in a second consecutive night of attacks on the capital Kyiv, as NATO leaders prepared to meet with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Vilnius.
“A total of 15 kamikaze drones were involved in the strike. Eleven of them were destroyed in the areas of responsibility of the Centre and East air commands,” Ukraine’s air force said on social media.
The statement did not say if other drones were shot down in other parts of Ukraine.
Igor Taburets, governor of Cherkasy region in central Ukraine, said two people were hospitalised with burns after a drone hit a non-residential building, sparking a fire.
“Cherkasy was on alert for more than three and a half hours,” he said.
Kyiv military authorities said there was also a drone attack on the capital but did not say how many drones were involved.
“All enemy targets in the airspace around Kyiv were detected and destroyed,” it said on social media, adding that there were no reports of victims or damage.
The air raid alert in Kyiv lasted for more than two hours.
On the first day of the NATO summit on Tuesday, Ukraine said Russian attack drones had targeted grain facilities at a southern port in the Odesa region.
The Ukrainian military said on Tuesday it had downed a total of 26 Russian attack drones in the latest barrage.

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