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Group of attackers sought in robbery of Revere gas station attendant


Police in Revere, Massachusetts, are looking for a group of people who attacked a gas station attendant and stole money Friday night.

The robbery happened around 9 p.m. that night at the Gulf station on Broadway.

“It’s terrible. And it was even boys and girls that were involved in it,” said Revere Police Chief Dave Callahan. “It was, like, ruthless.”

A group of young people arrived on scooters and surrounded the lone gas station attendant.

Police say the group bought gas for some scooters, but not all. After pumping, the man gets attacked from behind and someone reaches into his pocket for money.

“This was the worst I’ve seen in a while, on video, involving young people with scooters and just for no reason, kind of an unprovoked attacked,” Callahan said.

Members of the group scrambled to grab cash off the floor and traded blows with the attendant.

“It’s sad what happened,” one man said. “He’s working hard every day, and they come rob him at night.”

The gas station has had the same ownership for years and is a landmark in the community.

“There has been times when we’ve been strapped for cash, and my friend, Abraham, my brother, has let us come back at a later date,” said another man.

“We’re bothered. It shouldn’t happen to anybody, but especially these folks that go out of their way to help the community and be there for people,” Callahan said.

The victim was right back at work Tuesday.

“The same gentleman is here tonight working, and they’re just moving forward,” Callahan said. “They just hope that these individuals are located, they’re identified, and we can hold them accountable.”


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