WATCH: Thousands set new world dance record in music festival

Thousands of people came together and paid tribute to the late singer Tina Tuner at Australia’s music festival Big Red Bash held in a remote area of Birdsville Queensland Thursday morning while dancing to her song Nutbush City Limits.

Nearly 6,000 people participated and performed for five minutes, setting up a new world record for the largest Nutbush dance in the world, as adjudicated by the Australian Book of Records.

The song Nutbush is regarded as Australia’s unofficial national dance and is often performed in schools, weddings and large gatherings.

While performing, the participants raised almost $90,000 for the Royal Flying Doctors.

A video shot by drone camera showed people in a variety of dresses busy crisscrossing, twisting and kicking in time to the beat below the Big Red sand dune on the edge of the Simpson desert.

The legendary singer Tina Turner died at the age of 83 in May this year.

Jenni Denniss, 56 a participant said: “I found this dress in an op shop in Mitchell on the way out here and I thought “that’s bloody perfect.”

“My earliest memory of doing the nutbush was in primary school 50 years ago. It’s an iconic Australian dance — we do it at every school social, every wedding, 21st — everyone will get up and dance when it comes on in a pub.”

“What better place to do an iconic dance than at an iconic location here in front of Big Red,” she said.

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