BBC presenter ‘broke laws’ to meet young person


Representational image. — Canva
Representational image. — Canva

BBC presenter broke UK’s coronavirus lockdown rules as he met a young person he had met on a dating site, The Sun reported, deepening the controversy.

The UK paper said that it saw messages which revealed that the TV star not only visited the 23-year-old’s home, but also sent money and demanded a picture.

In return, he got a semi-naked photograph.

According to the paper, the young person — whose identity was kept a secret due to privacy reasons — claimed the TV star travelled to another country to meet them at their flat in February 2021.

The source is quoted as saying: “He was always asking to meet and I found it quite pressurising. There were restrictions and they kept getting stricter but he constantly asked.”

The newspaper alleges the travel to another county took place on 18 February 2021 — during the third lockdown in Britain.


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