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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ‘growing desperate’ for a reinvention’

The ‘dire need’ for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to make some ‘major changes’ has just been referenced by a former aide that worked closely with King Charles’ family.

This has been brought to light by a former butler that used to serve in Buckingham Palace.

The former aide in question is Paul Burell, the man who used to exclusively serve the late Princess Diana.

He weighed in on everything during a candid heart-to-heart with Slingo.

There, he was quoted saying, “Harry and Meghan could become a power couple. Don’t underestimate Meghan, she’s ambitious.”

“And what if she became Governor of California and lords it over Hollywood?” Mr Burell also asked since “it’s not so far-fetched because they have to keep going on, they have to keep reinventing themselves because if they don’t, that brand is going to disappear, the Sussex brand will disappear.”

After all, “The King has been very kind to Harry and Meghan because he loves Harry. He’s his son and he hasn’t taken their titles away.”

While “I mean, there are many people that would say their titles should be stripped from them because they’re no longer working Royals.”

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