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Prince Harry leaves Meghan Markle very ‘nervous’ for THIS reason


Prince Harry leaves Meghan Markle very ‘nervous’ for THIS reason

Duke of Sussex Prince Harry has left his wife Meghan Markle very ‘nervous’ amid reports of solo projects following their break up with Spotify.

It comes after reports the Duke of Sussex is keen to make a Netflix documentary in Africa and Meghan Markle has decided to ‘step away from Sussex brand.

Following these reports, an insider told Heat, per Entertainment Daily, “Harry is so restless these days, and seems to thrive on doing his own thing. It’s making Meghan very nervous.”

The source further told the publication, “She’s barely let Harry out of her sight recently, tagging along to as many of his appointments as he’ll let her, and organising trips, date nights, meditation sessions and get-togethers that involve both of them.”

The report went on to claim, “She’s not going to let this turn into a drifting-apart situation.”

The sources added Meghan Markle is being “needier than ever”.

The insider claims came days after Meghan Markle was issued stark warning over solo projects without her husband Prince Harry following their Spotify deal end.


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