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Meghan Markle needs to ‘cut ties’ with husband Prince Harry

Meghan Markle has just been warned about keeping Prince Harry onboard as it will ‘dangerously destroy’ her career.

OK magazine has shared this insight and has gone as far as to address its ‘growing need’.

Per the insider’s findings, “they feel that if Meghan does more on her own,” so it’s a given that “she’ll have more opportunities to save her career” that way.

“It will give them breathing room and restore confidence – or at least that’s the hope.”

For those unversed, all these reports have come in response to revelations made by the Duchess, to her own social circle about the ‘vicious attacks’ that have allegedly been carried out against her.

At the time she said, “she can’t believe she’s been attacked so viciously and so publicly by one of their execs, and to be labeled ‘grifters’ is an utterly humiliating and gut-wrenching all-time low — it’s served as a brutal reality check that things really do need to change to save their popularity.”

It also follows a word of advice made by OK magazine regarding the need to ‘rebrand’ and ‘walk away’ from Prince Harry.

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