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Emmy Awards put on hold due to SAG and WGA strike: Report

Emmy Awards put on hold due to SAG and WGA strike: Report
Emmy Awards put on hold due to SAG and WGA strike: Report

Emmy Awards may reportedly be postponed because of SAG-Aftra and WGA strike.

According to Variety, the Television Academy and the show’s broadcast Fox are not in agreeing terms as to which the 75th annual iconic television awards should be rescheduled to.

The outlet reported that the Television Academy wanted the Emmys to be held in November, two months after the show would have normally aired, which is on September 18, “in hopes that issues around the unions will be resolved by then”.

However, the show’s broadcaster Fox is going for a more “aggressive strategy”. It wants the ceremony to be delayed until January 2024.

Meanwhile, both the Academy and Fox have concurred that canceling the show is out of the picture, because it’s 75th anniversary.

It is pertinent to mention that if the strikes are settled, then the Emmys could also be the first major award show to air after new contracts are signed for actors and writers.

Interestingly, Fox network isn’t in favour of a November date because that month is already filled with other high-profile events and lucrative NFL games.

The outlet reported that January 21 is the most likely date for the rescheduled show, as January 7 is already reserved for the Golden Globes, while the Critics’ Choice Awards are being held on January 14.

It is believed that the Emmy nominations will be announced on Wednesday, and the presenters will still be mentioning the previously scheduled September 18 date. However, they would likely tone down its significance.

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