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Magazine cover featuring Kate Middleton, Prince George irks supporters

Magazine cover featuring Kate Middleton, Prince George irks supporters

Kate Middleton is once against at the receiving end of fierce criticism after she appeared on the cover of a leading magazine with her son Prince George. 

The latest article in PEOPLE ahead of King George’s birthday has irked some supporters of the British royal family because the magazine’s cover also features his mother Kate Middleton.

The article comes days before the 10th birthday of Prince George. The royal fans loyal to King Charles feel the Kate and her husband Prince William have been trying to upstage King Charles in the media since they became the Prince and Princess of Wales.

The PEOPLE piece cites Kensington Palace insiders as it praises Kate Middleton for her son to someday take the throne.

They also believe that Kate Middleton provides information to the media which uses unknown sources to publish articles about the Prince and Princess of Wales.

They are also mad at the Princess because they think Kensington Palace “insiders” shouldn’t be talking to the magazine which they criticize for the way it covers Meghan and Harry.

“Prince George is getting ready to celebrate a milestone birthday when he turns 10 on July 22, and his parents — Kate Middleton and Prince William — are working to ensure he has a normal childhood while simultaneously preparing him to someday take the throne,” read the article.

Speaking to PEOPLE, an insider said “It’s a massive balancing act, “William and Kate are doing the right thing, protecting him so he can have as normal a childhood as possible, but he’s also dipping into duties as a future monarch.”

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