‘Difficult’ for Iswaran to undertake MP duties amid CPIB probe: Lawrence Wong


In the case of Ridout, questions about the matter were raised in public and in parliament, Mr Wong noted.

The two ministers also asked for an independent review of the matter, to which the Mr Lee agreed and asked CPIB to investigate the matter, he added.

The investigations eventually concluded that there was no wrongdoing or corruption on the part of the ministers. The findings were published and there was a “full accounting” of the matter in parliament, said Mr Wong.

In contrast, Mr Iswaran’s “case is completely driven by CPIB from the beginning” and “there was no public complaint”, said Mr Wong.

“It was CPIB that discovered the matter through their initial findings and investigations and they felt that there was a need to interview Minister Iswaran as part of further investigations.”

CPIB had been looking into an unrelated investigation on a separate matter earlier, and updated Mr Lee on this investigation in May, said Mr Wong, adding that he was also “kept in the loop” at the time.

CPIB then continued their investigations and updated Mr Lee on their findings last week on Jul 5, and asked to interview Mr Iswaran.

Within a day, Mr Lee agreed with the director of CPIB to open formal investigations, which began yesterday, added Mr Wong.


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