Joint Statement on the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection – United States Department of State

On June 23, the United States and Belize hosted a Ministerial Meeting on the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection. The governments of the United States and Belize released the following statement to mark the first anniversary of the Los Angeles Declaration.

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On the occasion of the one-year anniversary of the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection, the endorsing countries convened in Washington, D.C., to take stock of our collective achievements during the first year of this new responsibility-sharing framework. These countries convened to discuss how we can build on these efforts together in the coming years to manage migration effectively and collaboratively.  The event, hosted by the governments of the United States and Belize at the World Bank headquarters, also brought together key non-governmental partners, including the United Nations, International Financial Institutions, and civil society organizations.

During the June 23 Ministerial Meeting, the endorsing countries reaffirmed their shared goal to promote stability and assistance for communities most impacted by migrant and refugee flows; expand lawful pathways for migration and international protection; and manage our borders humanely.

The endorsing countries particularly focused on addressing the impact of climate change on migration and displacement.  They will meet next month to begin a collaborative process to identify actions to implement these efforts.

Additionally, Secretary Blinken and Foreign Minister Courtenay called on all endorsing countries of the Los Angeles Declaration to promote respect for the human rights and dignity of all, regardless of their immigration status, and continue increasing access to protection throughout the region for those in need.  These efforts include promoting policies and practices aimed at preventing and resolving statelessness, including expanding access to birth registration; strengthening awareness of stateless populations; and mobilizing and advocating for reforms to eliminate discrimination in nationality laws against women, members of minority communities, and others.

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