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Many Homes Flooded As Delhi Yamuna Level Highest In 45 Years

Many Homes Flooded As Delhi Yamuna Level Highest In 45 Years

New Delhi:

The rising water level of Yamuna in Delhi, which has led to flooding in several riverside areas, is now at its highest in 45 years and may touch an all-time high later in the day. The swollen river has flooded homes and markets, causing immense hardship to residents.  

At 11 am, the river was flowing at 207.38 at Old Railway Bridge. This is more than the 2013 water level of 207.32, when the national capital saw flooding. In 1978, the Yamuna had flowed at 207.49 metres, the highest so far. According to estimates of the Central Water Commission, this record may be broken by the end of the day and the water level may reach 207.57 metres. This will prompt an extreme flood alert in Old Delhi. Currently, an orange alert is in force.

Delhi has recorded a rapid rise in the Yamuna level over the past three days. The administration has relocated people living in the flood-prone areas and shut the Old Railway Bridge for traffic and train movement.

According to a PTI report, an official has said the sharp rise in water level was due to continuous rainfall in upper catchment areas and saturated soil from heavy precipitation in Delhi and nearby regions.

Boats have been deployed to spread awareness along river banks and for rescue work.

Several homes near the bank have been flooded. NDTV spoke to shopowners in Monastery Market in Old Delhi area who raced against the rising water level to clear their shops. Many of them were seen packing up and leaving.

“The last time we saw so much water was in 2013. Flooding destroys our shops, ruins stocks. We suffer big losses,” a shopkeeper said.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has said there is a flood-like situation in the national capital but the government is prepared to tackle every situation.

The flood situation in Delhi comes at a time when north India has been hit hard by monsoon rampage. Large-scale destruction have taken place in Himachal Pradesh due to landslides and flash floods. Punjab too has taken a hit, with massive waterlogging in key cities. The rain fury has now shifted to Uttarakhand.

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