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How Gogglebox star Simon Minty responded to tween bullies and it’s powerful

Minty, 55, is best known for starring on the Channel 4 show ‘Gogglebox’ since 2021 alongside his sister Jane.

The TV star – who is beloved for his witty quips about the week’s most talked-about telly – shared that he had been ridiculed for his dwarfism by a group of young teenagers.

Simon shared with fans that he swiftly told the tweens to ‘grow up’ after he saw them laughing at him for his stature outside a supermarket.

Simon Minty shares ‘horrible’ bullying experience on Twitter with Gogglebox fans

Posting on Twitter, Minty wrote: Today, some 12yo boys came up to me to point and laugh. I said ‘grow up’.

“I carried on shopping, which took some courage as they followed me.

“Nearly spoke with shop security, it was that horrible. Left for the safety of Waitrose, bumped in to a special friend and rallied.”(sic)

The Googlebox star also noticed a few of the gobby kids were being cajoled by “peer pressure” to bully him and urged everyone to not follow along with the crowd and “stand up for what you believe” in similar situations.

He added: “There was some peer pressure going on too. I was going to tell them ‘one or more of you isn’t comfortable with what you’re doing right now, stand up for what you believe and you will have a better life than the others’.”

Fans rushed to Simon’s comments to share their support for the Channel 4 show participant.

One person posted:”Im so sorry to hear this! As a mother I’d be appalled and broken if my child did this. Wishing you a wonderful rest of the weekend x.”

A second wrote:”Sorry you had to deal with that! It makes me wonder as a Mother how these kids are being brought up.”

While a third added: “So sorry to see this on my timeline Simon, just awful & it invariably shakes your confidence. So glad you bumped into a good friend for support.”

Alongside a red heart, Simon followed up his original post thanking his fans for their messages.

He shared:”Thank you to everyone who commented and sent support, love, hugs and wisdom. It was a lovely surprise, overwhelming and kind. Take care and thank you.”

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