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Google is adding a new Calendar tool in Gmail web to make it easier and quicker for users to create, schedule and invite other users. With this new tool, Gmail users will be able to create new Meet right within the Gmail web’s compose window.
Gmail web calendar tool: Details
Not that Gmail web users weren’t able to create new meetings from the webpage, it’s just that Google has added the calendar option right within the bottom toolbar, which was hidden inside the three dots menu at the top of the email conversation view.
Clicking on the toolbar reveals a new popup bar which includes two options — Offer times you’re free and Create an event.
Create an event: This feature allows users to create a new meeting where Gmail will automatically fill in the Event title and recipients from the email. Along with these, Gmail will also enter the event summary into the email body for faster sharing.
The new features will be available to all Google Workspace customers and users with personal Google Accounts.
Offer times you’re free: This is an entirely new option that has been added to Gmail web. Clicking on it opens up a new Calendar side panel where users can choose and insert proposed meeting times by selecting the free time in the calendar for multiple days.
Meeting once shared, recipients will be able to select one of the proposed times and automatically create an event invite after confirmation.
How it will make things easier for users
The entire aim behind repositioning this feature and adding new Offer times you’re free option is to make things easier and faster for users. With the option added right within the toolbar, it makes it easier for users to access this feature. Also, most of the things are automated to prevent users from going forth and back to add details, recipients, etc. All these things ease up the process of creating a meeting invite within the Gmail app.

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