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Wolverine fans ‘angry’ over ‘Deadpool 3’ changes


X-Men fans are calling out the Deadpool 3 costume tweaks
‘X-Men’ fans are calling out the ‘Deadpool 3’ costume tweaks

Deadpool 3 was expected to give X-Men fans a treat with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine return after a 6-year hiatus.

But, the first glimpse of the 54-year-old has kicked the controversy where the fans grew furious about the beloved character’s costume alteration from the perceived comics.

Ryan Reynolds cheekily shared the duo’s photo on his Instagram Story in their upcoming film’s costumes.

The merch with a mouth’s outfit was seemingly the same; however, the long-clawed hero was visible in a different costume with bright yellow sleeves.

Image Credit: TheFanBoySeo
Image Credit: TheFanBoySeo

The new change was unacceptable to some of the franchise fans as they voiced their anger on Twitter.

“That Wolverine costume is abhorrent, get rid of the goddamn sleeves,” one angry fan commented.

“I do like this Wolverine outfit, but we could get rid of the sleeves… let Hugh Jackman show off his arms!!” another added.

Meanwhile, other fans posted their interesting take on the new change.

“Imagine Wolverine in anger ripping his sleeves and then popping his claws killing a bunch of TVA agents…poetic,” a third added.

“Wolverines definitely going berserk and ripping his sleeves off, isn’t he,” a fourth said.

However many other fans were excited to see Jackman in this avatar.

“I can’t believe I’m seeing Hugh Jackman in a yellow and blue Wolverine suit,” said one.

“When I saw rumours that suit would have sleeves I was concerned (and I’d still rather it didn’t) but he looks great,” another added.

Deadpool 3 will land in hit cinemas in May 2024.


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