Fang Rong plays a young Joanne Peh in Last Madame prequel, was frequently told she looks like the actress

In the course of her career as a child actress, she’s played younger versions of many actresses’ characters, including Rebecca Lim and Zoe Tay, she shared. Of course, Sisters Of The Night marks the first time it’s been more than a few flashback scenes.

It’s also the first time she’s working with Gini Chang and Zhang Ze Tong of Star Search 2019 fame – two actors she’s long wanted to collaborate with.

“When I watched Gini’s performance in the Star Search finals, I was mesmerised by her acting and knew that I really wanted to work with her,” Fang Rong said. “The chemistry between us was amazing on set as sisters of the night!”

And, “I was also super excited to work with Ze Tong as a love interest for the first time because whenever we bumped into each other, we’d say, ‘One day, we need to work together’. We finally got the chance. And, actually, on a random note, I dreamt of filming with Ze Tong a week before I found out he had been cast. I somewhat predicted it in a way, in my dreams, or manifested it in some sense!”

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