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Google Assistant not working for some Android Auto users: How its affecting – Times of India

Voice control with Google Assistant helps Android Auto users to set destinations, start a phone call, control music and more. Google’s Assistant is reportedly affecting some Android Auto users. According to a report by PhoneArena, some users have been posting messages on the Android Auto community support page describing how this issue is affecting them.

How the issue is affecting users

A user named MaikGleisberg wrote: “Since January 27 (last update to Android Auto 11.2.6404) my voice command is not working when connecting my mobile to my car using Android Auto. I always get the message ‘Oops something went wrong’ after pressing the voice command button on the steering wheel or using the microphone button in Android Auto. Before it worked brilliantly.”
Meanwhile, another Android Auto user, who drives a Mazda 6 with MZD Connect infotainment system, said that he tried the following fixes to temporarily resolve the issue:

  1. Restart of mobile and car infotainment system
  2. Deleted cache and data for Android app
  3. Set infotainment to factory settings
  4. Tried older version of AA: 10.8.1343
  5. Installed Android Auto 11.3.1405 beta

However, if this doesn’t work for other users it is important to note that Google might be aware of the issue.

A member of the Android Auto team had some questions that he wanted “MaikGleisberg” to answer. The information that the Android Auto team member requested includes the following:

  1. Android OS version:
  2. Type of connection (wire or wireless):
  3. Google Play services version: (Settings > Apps (or Apps & notifications > App info) > Google Play services)
  4. Country:

Google is expected to roll out a new Android Auto update to fix this issue in the coming days. So, if the Google Assistant is not working for some Android Auto users, they should be on the lookout for this update. More details will be shared once the company rolls out the update.

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